The History Behind G&L Research

G & L Research is the first facility in Baldwin County dedicated totally to clinical research. The research is conducted for various pharmaceutical companies and on a variety of medications. The business was started in July of 2007, by a mother and daughter-in-law team, both RN's, in a small 16 X 16 office space in Gulf Shores. During this time, the business grew exponentially requiring moving three times to accommodate the expanding client numbers. G & L Research is now located directly across the street from South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. Our location enables us to perform more complex clinical trials due to the proximity of emergency care. Clinical trials allow participants to receive study medication, lab work, and physical exams at no charge with compensation for time and travel. These studies and their results also enable the residents of Baldwin County to be on the cutting edge of the newest developments in medical care.

The Significance of The Nightingale Lamp

Nightingale Lamp"This lamp... was a symbol of all Florence Nightingale stood for, comfort and kindness and gentleness and courage, and an unswerving devotion to duty. Perhaps deep down, she knew even then that the light from it would go on shining far into the future..."
-From "A Lamp for Elizabeth" by Kathleen O'Far
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) is perhaps the most beloved and famous nurse in history. Nightingale was born into a life of wealth and privilege as the daughter of an upper-class British family. Much to her family’s dismay, Nightingale abandoned the comforts of her social status to become a nurse. Florence Nightingale is considered the mother of modern nursing, and perhaps most famous for her pioneering work in the field of nursing during the Crimean War, were she tended to wounded soldiers. It is there that Florence Nightingale became known as “the lady with the lamp” as she was often seen in the dark of the night, when all others were asleep, moving from wounded soldier to wounded soldier giving them comfort and aid, while carrying a lamp to light the way.

The Nightingale School for Nurses, founded by Florence Nightingale, became the first official training program for nurses. The mission of the school was to train nurses to work in hospitals, work with the poor, and to teach. The work of the Nightingale School for Nurses continues today. Florence Nightingale’s lasting contribution has been has been her role as the founder of the modern nursing profession, and her passionate work in sanitation reform. Nightingale set an example of compassion and commitment to patient care. She proved the need to reform healthcare through research and statistical analysis, which is the basis of nursing research today.

Promoting Wellness

G & L Research is dedicated to promoting wellness in the community by participating in various events
  • Health Fair
  • Sausage Festival
  • Speaker for Local Service Clubs and Organizations
  • Volunteer at Local Free Medical Clinic
  • Offers Free Blood Pressure Screenings every Wednesday from 7am – 10am